"How to" Series

Dismantling shell and chassis: Steps 2 - 4


Removing the shell


Step 2 - Remove the cab section first by carefully pulling up on the sides.  Once the cab is removed, tilt the hood section forward and lift it off.


NOTE: Cab and hood are separate pieces and held into the chassis by tabs and friction.  Care should be taken in removing parts.

Unsoldering track power from light board


Step 3 - Unsolder the truck pickup wires from the light board and lift off the light board frame by removing the two screws.

Removing light board from chassis
Disconnecting rubber U-joint from motor


Step 4 - Disconnect the motor from the rubber tube U-joint and remove it from its chassis cradle.  Label the top of the motor with a piece of masking tape and set it aside.

Removing motor from chassis cradle
Disassembled and ready for chassis modification